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Here comes the Bride...All dressed in White...hold on she dressed in white...these days, nothing is certain... not even the color of the brides dress. The traditional

color of white has given way to ivory, pink and even black.

The only thing certain is that two "people" are getting married (and not necessary male and female).

Also certain is the fact that there will be some sort of celebration which could include just the couple, just the wedding party, just the families. just the families and close

friends and of course, all of the above and then some.

The message that we want to convey here is that anything

and everything goes, according to your dreams, tastes,

ideas and of course , budget. This will also be true of the entertainment you will be using to celebrate this special day.

It would be pointless to list the types of entertainment

that can be used...suffice to say that whatever you

want...we can get and advise you about it...from an

accordian player to having Mickey Mouse act as your

"Greeter" (yes, we have done this).

Unlimited budgets create fantastic ideas for entertainment...smaller budgets may cause a curtailment of

some of your ideas but not the quality and appropriateness.

Call of Email Us...We Can Help